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why visual learning with videos is good simplifying english
why visual learning with videos is good simplifying english
why visual learning with videos is good simplifying english
Simplifying English for Visual ESL Learners
A los estudiantes visuales les encanta aprender con:

imágenes y

y un montón de:

codificación de color y
rodear con un círculo palabras principales
Simplifying English for Visual ESL Learners
Simplifying English for Visual Learners
sin 10.000 ensayos de palabras

sin instrucciones largas

sin libros

Perfect your Past Tense ESL course benefits and course curriculum
11 videos y ejercicios explicativos
11 cuestionarios
10 horas de clase = 1 programa corto

$150.000 clases personalizadas = GRATIS

volver a jugar y ver en cualquier momento que desee!

volver y referirse a él en cualquier momento que desee
Perfect your past tense benefits of the free ESL course
Pronounce the final 'ed' sound well, Regular verbs in past tense, Simplifying English, ESL

Say the final '-ed' sound right!

Regular verbs in Past Tense

Learn how to make WH questions in Past tense, ESL, Simplifying English

Ask questions confidently!

with How, When, What, Why, Who, Whose & Where

Prepositions of Time, use at, in, on, with the time expressions, simplifying english, ESL

Use 'at', 'in' and 'on' with time, month & date correctly!

Simplifying English Author Bio

Your Teacher & Course Creator

I'm Swapna. I’m an English teacher from India and I live in Santiago de Chile. I’m passionate about teaching. And I’m even more passionate about creating fresh, exciting material to make my students fall in love with English!

So here’s putting it all together on one website. While I sit on my laptop for another 10000+ hours creating more awesome videos for you, take my mini course “Perfect your Past Tense: The Ultimate Guide to Master the Past Simple in 11 Super Easy Steps”.

I’d love to get feedback on how these have worked for you and how I could make them better. See you in class!


What my students have to say...

Destacar su calidad personal contagiando con su


"Te comento sobre mi experiencia referida al curso en que fuiste mi profesora. Muy buena experiencia tanto en el ámbito personal como profesional. Destaco su metodología de trabajo que complementa la unidades del texto con material de actualidad y de interés para el alumno.

Permanente preocupación en aclarar las dudas y en generar conversaciones amenas que permiten desarrollar el vocabulario. Flexibilidad para adaptar el aprendizaje a la necesidad requerida por el estudiante. Finalmente destacar su calidad personal contagiando con su optimismo y alergia"


Simplifying English Testimonial Review
Simplifying English Testimonial and Review

It was an incredible process, 100% Recommended!!!

Swapna was my English teacher last year. It was an incredible process, because she knows English, of course, but she knows a lot of business or the great issues of the world too! The classes were amazing and she worked hard with the topics and the methodology.

100% Recommended!!!


You really enjoy her classes!

Swapna is a very good teacher! A few months ago I was her student and I really appreciate her patience, she has a lot of ways to teach English, and you really enjoy her classes!

Thanks! 🙂


Simplifying English Testimonial and Review
Simplifying English Testimonial and Review

She is very dedicated to your issues, totally recommended!

I had a really wonderful experience with Swapna. She is very dedicated to your issues and the conversations are fun!

Nice videos to discuss and you can learn about interesting themes to improve your communications skills. Totally recommended!


Es una excelente guía que te da confianza

Tuve el privilegio de tomar un programa con Swapna y destacó mucho su preocupación por mejorar mi nivel de inglés siendo súper asertiva y clara para atacar mis Gap 

Es una excelente guía que te da confianza para ir soltándote y te motiva bastante a seguir mejorando


Simplifying English Review Testimonial
Simplifying English Testimonial Review

Made me improve in a very short time, I totally recommend this way to learn!

Great teacher!

I gained a lot of confidence in my english thanks to Swapna. I learned details that made me improve in a very short time. I totally recommend this way to learn!


I liked and enjoyed her method

The Teacher is very clear and taught in a creative and entertaining way. When I started I didn't know or heard about The Ted Talks, now I like it and I will still watch it in the future. I really learned a lot of things, not just about English or grammar or even vocabulary. The Ted Talk were of course related to the topic that we were learning, followed with questions and a true or false exercise to discuss and talk a little bit on classes. I liked and enjoyed her method.


simplifying english testimonial review luisa
Simplifying English Testimonial Review

It was a pleasure for me taking classes with you!! I really enjoyed a lot

What I liked the most about Swapna’s classes was her methodology. For all the classes, Swapna send us a video as homework to watch, that it was always a very interesting topic, and then the classes revolved around the discussion of said video, which allowed generating a good debate and learning English in the best way… speaking it.


Swapna is a very good teacher, 100% recommended

Swapna is a very good teacher. Her classes are very entertaining, with audiovisual support she creates, conversations and debates


100% recommended


simplifying english testimonial and review
Simplifying English Review Testimonial

I'm very happy with my English classes with Swapna!!

I'm very happy with my English classes with Swapna!! I love the way she teaches, with fun and interesting exercises.

Swapna encourages me to try to speak even if it is not perfect, I feel comfortable in her classes and time is short.

Thanks you for this!! 😊


I highly recommend her!

Swapna is an amazing teacher, dynamic and she prepared me for an important Vocabulary, Phonetic Exam..., we have a lovely time together!. She explains very well, she has a lot of patience, the classes aren’t boring, is the opposite of that and I highly recommend her 🥰!


simplifying english testimonial review matilda
Simplifying English Testimonial Review

Dynamic & intense!

It has been a great opportunity of our son to continue improving his english language, in a dynamic and intense way. There is no time to get bored and Pedro feels his progress everyday and he loves his classes.


¡Totalmente recomendable!!

Soy mama de Camila estudiante de la profesora  Swapna desde marzo de este año y Camila espera feliz sus clases de ingles..son entretenidas para niños y va avanzando de acuerdo a su propio ritmo.. ¡Totalmente recomendable!!


simplifying english testimonial review
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