You already listen to English songs to elevate your mood, de-stress after a long day and maybe to dance too. Why not use this soothing method to elevate your English too? You might want to ask yourself, “how can I use songs to improve my English language?” Well, the answer is simple, the process of learning a second language doesn’t have to be rigorous or conventional. You can learn new words, phrases, and expressions just by listening to good English songs.

And that is the aim of this article. To introduce you to 10 amazing songs you can use to improve your English language and learn new expressions.

How to learn English through song lyrics and 10 ridiculously beautiful songs you'll love!

1. 7 Years by Lukas Graham

Level: All levels; Genre: Soul-pop

7 Years by Lukas Graham is one of my favorite soul-pop music of all time. This brilliant song is very good for English language learners. It has slow and clear lyrics, making it a great option for basic and intermediate English learners. Also, the song is in narrative form, which makes it appealing to people who enjoy reading or listening to stories. I mean, if you are someone like me who loves to listen to stories that resonate with his life. Lukas Graham narrated his life story from the age of 7 to what it would look like when he attains 60 years old. He sang the song mainly in the past tense, and switches to present tense anytime he wants to switch to present tense.

Once I was seven years old, my mama told me

Go make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely

Once I was seven years old

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2. Hello by Adele

Level: All levels; Genre: Soul-pop

The opening of this song is enough for one to recommend it for any English language learners. Plus, the singer’s clear London accent makes it great for easy learning of the pronunciation of words. Adele used different elements of the English language in the song, like present tense, past tense, reported speech, and many more. If you are a fan of soul-pop like me, you will surely enjoy this song. And it will improve your English language. You get to learn a lot of simple new words and how you can use them colloquially.

Hello, it's me

I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet

To go over everything

They say that time's supposed to heal ya

But I ain't done much healing

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3. Remember the Name by Ed Sheeran - (feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)

Levels: Upper-intermediate to Advanced; Genre: Pop/ Rap

If you are a big fan of pop and rap music, Ed Sheeran, Feat. Eminem & 50 Cent’s “Remember The Name” is the best song for you to improve your English language. The song has a lot of brilliant vocabulary like twisted, misfit, lipstick, conversation, etc. It is also in the form of narrative, and the words are pretty simple. This song is only recommended for upper-intermediate and advanced English language learners, since the pace of the song and the excessive use of unpopular expressions could prove to be complicated to learners are intermediate & lower levels.

Yeah, I was born a misfit, grew up ten miles from the town of Ipswich

Wanted to make it big, I wished it to existence

I never was a sick kid, always dismissed quick

Stick to singing, stop rappin' like it's Christmas

And if you're talkin' money, then my conversation shiftin'

My dreams are bigger than just being on a rich list

Might be insanity, but people call it "gifted"

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4. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

Level: All levels; Genre: Acoustic Pop

Justin Bieber’s Acoustic pop, Love Yourself will forever make my list of top ten songs for English learners. The song has a simple lyric with a lot of powerful expressions to arrest your feelings. And if you are the type who finds it difficult to switch between 'did' 'didn't' 'do' and 'don't.', this song will make it natural to you. Just listen to it like two to three times. Justin Bieber sang most of the song using the simple present tense, which makes it perfect for all levels of English language learners, including beginners and intermediates. Advanced English learners can use the song to relax their brain while they enjoy the cool melody of acoustic guitar and Justin Bieber’s sweet voice.

For all the times that you rain on my parade

And all the clubs you get in using my name

You think you broke my heart, oh girl for goodness sake

You think I'm crying on my own, well I ain't

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5.All of Me by John Legend

Level: All levels; Genre: R&B/Soul

This beautiful song will blow your mind as an English learner. It has a lot of beautiful words that you can’t resist but learn them by heart. Words like “head spinning, muse, smart mouth, magical mystery ride, etc. The song also features a lot of features of speech like

oxymoron - (all your perfect imprecation),

personification (the world is beating you down)

hyperbole (I can’t stop singing)

metaphor (I am your magical mystery ride)

irony (you are my downfall, you are my muse)

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6. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Level: All levels; Genre: R&B Pop

"Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars is a beautiful Rhythm and blues Pop, with a lot of simple expressions creatively used for mind relaxation and entertainment. It is perfect for basic and intermediate English learners because of its simple lyrics. Also, there is a lot of repetition in this song, which helps you learn these expressions faster. And the song is written in the simple present tense. Learning the song can help you flow more in the English language.

Oh, her eyes, her eyes

Make the stars look like they're not shinin'

Her hair, her hair

Falls perfectly without her tryin'

She's so beautiful and I tell her everyday

Yeah, I know, I know

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7. Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion

Level: All levels; Genre: Pop

Maybe I don't Know by Jon Bellion is an amazing song that features a lot of beautiful English phrases and repetition. Jon used a lot of similar words to introduce different expressions like “I wonder why”, “I guess” “maybe”, etc. English learners can learn how to use these phrases to introduce different expressions they want to pass across.

Plus, the lyrics are quite basic and intermediate. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the process of learning with melody.

I wonder why I get paranoid when I'm high

I wonder why I say yes to everyone in my life

I wonder why I can't run that fast in my dreams

I wonder why I feel short when I know my money's tall

I wonder why I miss everyone and I still don't call

I wonder why I can't run that fast in my dreams

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8. Heal the world by Michael Jackson

Level: All levels; Genre: Pop

It is not surprising that the king of pop had something for English language learners. This Electronic dance music has excellent lyrics that every English language learner, especially those in third world countries can easily relate with. The lyrics are simple and inspiring. It can easily hook you up that before you know it, you are already on the fifth repeat. You can help you learn the correct pronunciation of many English words like crucify, conceived, etc. Also, the song features a lot of metaphor and personification. (the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.)

“Heal the world” – personification

“This world is heavenly” – metaphor

“Let the spirit never die” – personification

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9. Happier by Ed Sheeran

Level: All levels; Genre: Pop

Sorry if you have been a hater of heartbreak songs. Some of us love it and we find solace in it. Heartbreak or no heartbreak, I am a strong believer that all Ed Sheeran songs are great for English language learning. Happier is one of my favorites with a lot of beautiful English expressions like “Your friends are mine” “Oh, I hope you're happy” etc. In fact, the entire lyric is awesome for English learning.

We broke up a month ago

Your friends are mine

You know I know you've moved on

Found someone new

One more girl who brings out the better in you

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10. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

Level: All levels; Genre: Country

Country songs are also great for learning the English language. In fact, one can argue that they are the best because they have a lot of poetic devices. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers is my best recommendation because of its amazing use of metaphor. The lyrics are pretty simple, which makes it great for all levels of the English language, including beginners.

On a warm summer's evening

On a train bound for nowhere

I met up with the gambler

We were both too tired to sleep

So we took turns a-starin'

Out the window at the darkness

The boredom overtook us

And he began to speak

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When writing this article, I had to listen to all these songs all over to ensure I gave you the best recommendation. And guess what? I spent about six hours on this short article. Do you care to know why? Because the songs are just too beautiful that I got lost in the process. Enjoy the lyrics and use them to improve your English speaking.

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