Step 1: Regular verbs

1 Watch the video & learn

to use regular verbs in past simple, we add a 'd' or 'ed' at the end of the verb. for e.g.:

  • complete-completed
  • finished-finished
  • email-emailed

2 Take the quiz and check your understanding!

HOW & WHEN do we use regular verbs in past simple?

In this little lesson, we will learn how to use the past simple tense with regular verbs 

Let’s begin with WHEN do we use past simple.

HOW & WHEN do we use regular verbs in past simple? Timeline, Simplifying English

We use it to talk about finished activities and past events.

  • Something that happened 
  • yesterday, 
  • last week, 
  • last year, 
  • a 1000 years ago.
  • and is used to talk about something that happened even a minute ago!

We usually add time expressions such as yesterday, last week .. but not always!

There are two types verbs: with regular verbs you simply add d or Ed to change it to past tense.

Easy, right?!!

However, with the irregular verbs, you need to memorise the past form of the verb! And that is the difficult part!

HOW & WHEN do we use regular verbs in past simple?  Simplifying english

Let’s first practise with the easy verbs : that is : Regular verbs and here is the sentence structure in the positive, question and negative forms

And here is a more detailed structure

HOW & WHEN do we use regular verbs in past simple?  Detailed sentence structure,  Simplifying english

Now Let’s do some exercises 


  1. _____ you _____(complete) your yoga course?

 Yes I _______ (complete) it!

  1. _____ you ____ (like) the movie?

No, I _____ (not like) it!

  1. _____ you  _______ (travel) to London last week?

No, I _______ (travel)to Paris last week

  1. _____ you _____ (call)the mechanic?

Yes, I _____ (call) the mechanic but he _____ (not/answer)

  1. _____ your assistant _____ (print) the report?

No, he _____ _____ (not/print)it, he _____ (email) it


  1. Did you complete your yoga course?

 Yes I completed it!

  1. Did you like the movie?

No, I didn’t like it!

  1. Did you travel to London last week?

No, I travelled to Paris last week

  1. Did you call the mechanic?

Yes, I called the mechanic but he didn’t answer

  1. Did your assistant print the report?

No, he didn’t print it, he emailed it

So that’s how we use regular verbs in past simple. Don't forget to watch the video with the audio on!